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What Every Oklahoma Woman Should Know About the Risks of Ovarian Cancer and Long-Term Use of Johnson & Johnson 'Baby Powder' and 'Shower to Shower' Products

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Researches say Ovarian Cancer is currently the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women, including Oklahoma women. While it is not known exactly HOW MANY of those cases can be tied to the long-term use of talcum powder products, it is estimated that this year there will be over 20,000 reported cases of talcum powder related ovarian cancer.

Many Studies Over Decades
Over 20 studies have been conducted since the early 1980s, and almost all of them have shown a greater risk of developing ovarian cancer for women who were regular users of talcum powder. For those women who have used talcum powder for more than 5 years, the risk for developing ovarian cancer DOUBLES.

Some of the studies produced evidence that talc particles migrate upward through a woman's reproductive system, lodging deep inside ovarian tissues and creating the systemic changes that create the cancerous tumors

Because talcum powder is not a medication, it is not regulated by the FDA.

Johnson & Johnson first introduced their Baby Powder with talc product in 1894, and Oklahoma women have been using it ever since. It is impossible to know how many thousands of talcum powder related cancer cases existed in those 125+ years -- no-one would have thought to make the association until just recently.

Even though Johnson & Jonson was advised by researchers to put a warning on their products that contained talc, the only warning that ever appeared was to avoid inhaling the product, and most women probably thought this was mostly directed toward use around infants and children.

African-American Oklahoma Women Could be More at Risk of Talcum Powder Cancer
While ALL women who have used Johnson & Johnson' Baby Powder' or 'Shower to Shower' talc products are at risk, recent studies are suggesting that Black Women are even MORE at risk.

After they knew about the link between talc and ovarian cancer, Johnson and Johnson is reported to have marketed their products MORE to Black Women, as sales to white women declined.

Oklahoma Women Have Used J&J Baby Powder for Generations Without Knowing the Risks
Many Oklahoma women have used baby powder with talc for feminine hygiene their entire life, and many have passed on the practice generationally to their daughters, who have continued the practice, passing it on to their daughters, and so on.

All products sold to the public should be safe. Oklahoma women deserved to know that talcum powder posed a serious health risk, and the manufacturers were required to provide such a warning. Failing to warn Oklahoma women about these known risks is a very serious form of negligence, and ALL women who have been harmed have the right to justice and compensation.

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